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Alwar Day Tour

Alwar is a where the journey of the Fairy Queen ends! The oldest working engine in the world and one of India’s national treasure, Fairy Queen leads a train from Delhi encampment to Alwar in Rajasthan. The engine was built in 1855 and acquired by the Eastern Indian Railways from a British firm. The train that harnesses this engine is now used for tourism.The journey of the city of Alwar and its origins can be traced back to 1500 BC. Nestled in the lap of the green hills of the Aravalli range, it is home to beautiful palaces and forts from an era long gone.

The deep valleys and thick forest cover of the hills are a haven for many species of birds such as grey partridge and white-throated kingfisher and animals, most notably, the Bengal tiger and golden jackal. It is this splendour and exquisite architecture, along with the calm lakes, royal hunting chalets, dense jungles and a socio-cultural environment unlike any other that makes Alwar a traveller’s delight.

Alwar Sightseeing Tour offers a remarkable journey through a city brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty. Located in the heart of Rajasthan, Alwar is a destination that captures the essence of the state's heritage. When embarking on an Alwar Sightseeing Tour, you'll discover a tapestry of attractions. The city is renowned for its majestic forts, with Bala Quila being a standout. This ancient fort, perched atop a hill, not only offers a glimpse into Alwar's history but also provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes—a must-visit during your Alwar Sightseeing tour. The Neemrana Fort Palace, a heritage hotel, is another treasure showcasing grandeur and architectural beauty. For nature enthusiasts, Sariska Tiger Reserve is a jewel. This protected area is home to various wildlife species, including tigers. A safari in this reserve is a highlight of any Alwar Sightseeing Tour. Additionally, Alwar boasts numerous temples, including the Karni Mata Temple and the Sagar Lake. Exploring these sites enriches your experience of the city's culture and spirituality on your Alwar Sightseeing Tour. In conclusion, an Alwar Sightseeing Tour is a blend of history, nature, and culture, making it an enriching journey through the gems of Rajasthan.
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